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There are a number of reasons why people won’t pay you.

  • They know that they won’t suffer until the matter is in legal hands
  • They don’t think you are serious
  • They think they can bully you
  • They think they can ignore you and you won’t persist
  • Someone else is putting them under more pressure
  • They just can’t pay

We’ve seen it all before. We know exactly how to put just the right pressure on them to get you paid before their other creditors.

We know:

  • The tricks debtors play
  • The right response to each
  • The pressures they are under
  • Your legal rights
  • The quick way to take legal action
  • Which legal measure to take and when
  • Which Court to use for best effect
  • How to add compensation and interest to your debts.

And, best of all:

you only pay us when they have paid you!

Why use a debt collection agent?