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We receive your instructions

We write to the debtor asking for payment

We follow up the letter by telephone

If we judge that we won't be able to obtain payment through the above methods we discuss with you the next steps to take

If you agree we instigate legal action

When judgement is received we help ensure your debts are collected

We receive your instructions

We have a simple form which we ask you to complete in order to give us the necessary details of the debt to chase.

If the debt is a commercial one we will automatically add statutory interest and compensation for you.

We will also need to establish whether the debt is disputed or not.

We write to the debtor asking for payment

Once a debtor knows that we are involved they realise they canít ignore it.

If a response isnít received immediately we send a second, stronger letter.

Many debts that were thought uncollectable are collected on this letter run. We have a particular way of writing these letters that ensures debtors deal with them quickly.

We follow up the letter

If a debtor doesnít respond to the initial letters we follow up by telephone.

We are able to phone in the day and the evening, and so are able to contact the debtors, whatever their working patterns.

We have a great deal of experience in negotiating with debtors and are very successful at this stage of the process.

The next step

For the persistent debtors there are a number of options available, from door step collection to several different legal measures. We can advise on the best way to proceed for each individual debt.

We help ensure your debts are collected

We can ensure measures such as

  • Attachment of Earnings
  • Charging Orders, against the debtorís property.
  • Door step collection methods
  • Seizing of goods
  • Summoning the debtor to Court
  • 3rd Party debt orders

Are taken on your behalf.

What we do