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  1. Donít let debts get old. The quicker you take action the more likely you are to recover the money.
  2. Perform credit checks on people and companies before granting credit terms. We can assist you with that.
  3. Include in your terms and conditions a clause that entitles you, in the case of late payment, to recover from the debtor any costs incurred in collecting the debt.
  4. Ensure your terms and conditions grant you the right to seize any of the customerís goods if payment is not made, rather than just to recover your own. Very often you canít identify your own goods sufficiently well to be able to enforce their return, but you can walk away with computers, printers etc which you could use or sell to reduce the debt.
  5. If judgement is granted in your favour, use the County Sheriffís office to collect the debt rather than the Court Bailiff.  They tend to be more effective.

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